Dance Week 2: The 6 Key Elements or Dance

“Creative Dance involves us physically, emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically.

(Ewing & Gibson, 2011, p.35)

The basis or all dance education in the primary school classroom founds itself on developing skills and understanding in relation to the 6 key elements of Dance (which are listed below). These are the fundamentals of Dance and it is via the manipulation of these key elements that Dance is created.

The 6 Key Elements or Dance

1. Space – relates to our physical space and the space around us

2. Time – is about the length of movement, of a sequence

3. Dynamics – the energy or force of a movement

4. Action – the movement itself

5. Relationships – Who is dancing? It relates to relationships between people, props, the audience

6 Structure – The form of the dance itself

An example of a warm up activity that explores the elements of Dance:

Classroom Walk

Ask students to walk around the classroom in different directions. Call out different instructions for students to follow. Explore the different elements of dance throughout this activity. For example, walk fast, turn your body in a circle, skip, dance low to the floor.

Further Examples:

Space –  Different pathways – zigzag, move in a curved direction

Dynamics – Move as if you are angry, move smoothly to the music

Action – Jumping, skipping

Time – Move quickly through the space

Relationships – Find a partner and keep in time with their movements


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