Dance 4: Sensory Stimulus to Create Dance Experiences

Sensory Stimulus to create Dance Experiences

Today’s lesson demonstrated stimulus for Dance lessons, choreography, performance and appreciation can come from a range of different sources. Another important idea that this listen encouraged me to think about was the audience of a performance. The lesson highlighted to me how people, the audience can view and interpret the same object, dance or stimulus yet have such different responses and reactions to the same thing. For example, for some in our class the visual stimulus below represented celebration, to others tragedy.

THis is Today in class with explored the following stimuli:


VISUAL:  The class was shown this statue to generate discussion about what this statue may represent to them, wheat they feel when they see this statue, what they think this statue is about.

Auditory: A jazzy christmas tune

Movement: A series of movements.

Book: “Henry and Amy, right way round and upside down”. About friendship, support, differences.

Tactile – A small spiky ball that was hidden in a bag so that no-one could see the item, only feel it.

After we had explored these different Stimuli students were broken up into groups and were assigned one of the above stimuli. Each group was to choreograph a short dance sequence using their stimulus. Our group was basing our performance on the visual stimulus. All of our group members had different feelings, beliefs and interpretations about what this item represented and it was a process of give and take and negotiation of ideas in order to decide on the basis of our dance. Our group decided to base our Dance on  a pregnant woman who is happily pregnant until she is discovers that she has triplets. The Dance was attempting to portray the grief and loss that this mother felt of her own life when she brought three other lives into the world. Although she loves her children, the loss of her former life became apparent. It also represent the unity and connectedness of mother and child.


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