Dance 3: Performance, Hair Spray and Character Development


Todays lesson was very fun! We learned a short dance sequence to accompany music from the musical ‘Hair Spray’, below I have outlined the structure of the lesson. Today’s class got me thinking about how great Dance is as a tool to further explore and extend aspects of Storytelling, English, HSIE.  In today’s lesson  students were assigned different stereotypes or roles that they were to embody when dancing. These characters were related to the musical ‘Hairspray’ that we were using as a stimulus for our Dance. I thought this was such a great way for students to further understand the characters in the story, I also thought it would be a really fun, creative and fruitful way to gain a deeper understanding of characters in novels, stories, films etc. that students may come across in other KLA areas. This lesson was a large inspiration for my Creative Arts UOW which I have titled ‘The Storyteller’. I see the potential for Dance and the other creative arts subjects to create a very strong platform to explore the different elements of a story in depth. It was a very exciting and inspirational lesson!

Structure of a Dance Lesson Plan


Development of Core/Body Skills:

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  1. Warm Up Activities:

    1. Locomotor – to raise the hear rate, awareness of body in space, explore the elements of Dance

    2. Isolation Activity – Warm up body by targeting specific body parts and muscle group.

  2. Improvisation: Progressions – to teach/learn choreography, breakdown of action.

  3. Development – Teaching and learning of choreography in a specific style.

  4. Feedback/Reflection: Implications for classroom, Where to next?, thematic considerations


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