Incorporating digital and media technologies into literacy instruction…

The use of digital and media technologies within the classroom has been found to support student learning (Barone & White, 2008). The following are three useful ideas that teachers may like to incorporate into their classroom. These ideas were presented in the article Literacy instruction with digital and media technologies by Barone & White (2008).

1. Synchronise student and teacher class timetable and calendar. This simple idea has numerous benefits in the classroom. Students have an up to date visual organiser for activities, homework and events that are related to the classroom. The teacher does not need to spend as much time on housekeeping and students always have access to up to date information about homework and due dates.

2. The Morning Sponge.  This is an activity that serves to both engage students and to free the teacher so that they can check in or support individual students within the classroom. The activities on ‘The Morning Sponge’ change regularly and can provide an opportunity to revisit previously learned ideas or to consolidate relevant learning concepts. The example provided by Barone & White (2008) was an activity that was focused on vocabulary (p.4).

3. KidBiz Achieve 3000 ( A “web-based, individualised reading and writing instruction program” (Barone et al., 2008, p.7). This program allows students to engage with similar literature and articles as the rest of the class but at a level that is tailored to them. It is great that the class explore articles that are similar in nature as this allows for class discussion. Differentiating reading material to meet the needs of all levels within your classroom can be both challenging and time consuming, Kid Biz Achieve 3000 provides this differentiated instruction that is tailored to the individual students reading level.

Barone, D., & Wright, T. E. (2008). Literacy instruction with digital and media technologies. The Reading Teacher, 62(4), 292-302


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